In celebration of my fifth year of Sane Jane, I decided to treat my website to a little plastic surgery: a face-lift. This cosmetic improvement will feature not only a new format, graphics, colors, and contact information, but also a blog with tips and stories I hope you all will enjoy and be able to use in your everyday life.  

I started my business as a professional organizer in 2007. Although I never envisioned myself as a professional organizer, I suppose I should have seen it coming all along. My older sister lives in Tallahassee and while she is an incredible cook, mother of two and has her Ph.D., organization was not her strong point. When I would visit her for holidays she would always have plenty of organizational jobs lined up for me. I must admit, it was nice being good at something my older sister struggled with (Love you Cin).

A few months after one of my visits I received a life changing phone call from my sister. She was very excited because she had hired a professional organizer to organize her office. While I wanted to scream into the phone, “HEY THAT”S MY JOB!,” I refrained and instead listened to what she had to say about the business. When I knew she wouldn’t leave me alone until I agreed to give professional organization a try, I gave in and soon after Sane Jane was born.

It has been a wonderful five years with Sane Jane and I am excited to announce the launch of my new website and very first blog. I hope the cosmetic enhancements will lift Sane Jane to the next level and offer assistance to my readers on a regular basis.