It may seem hard to believe. But one day, the horrific pandemic we’re living through right now will come to an end. In between now and then, I have found that the best way to keep myself sane is to practice gratefulness and get sh*t done. In this blog post, I want to focus on getting sh*t done. While the pandemic has taken so many things from us, it has also given many of us the gift of time – arguably the most precious commodity of all. Right now, you may have more time on your hands than ever before. So, what are you doing with it? How are you utilizing the sudden abundance of time to make life better for you and your family?

I respectfully suggest you think about finally organizing that space in your house that’s been on your mind for years. The cozy but smartly put together workspace in your kitchen. The zen closet that would make getting dressed each morning a vastly more enjoyable experience. The white space-y garage you started planning a while back before getting pulled away by other life priorities. With virtual organizing, these in-home makeovers – and all the everyday functional, emotional and even spiritual benefits that come with them – can be yours.

Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is professional organizing except I’m not physically present in your home. We communicate through FaceTime, Google Meet or Zoom. I work with you to identify goals. Then I develop a plan to make over the space(s). Then I provide direction as you do the actual work. The benefits of virtual organizing are considerable. To begin with, it’s safe, which means you can relax and really get into your organizing project without Covid stress.

Virtual Home Organizer in RaleighVirtual organizing makes physical proximity irrelevant. Instead of having to find a local organizer you connect with, you can work with any organizer from anywhere in the country. Another reason people love virtual organizing is increased control over project execution. You can knock your project out in a day or two. Or you and your organizer can spend 30 minutes on it every weekday afternoon for a few weeks until it’s complete. You just don’t have that kind of control with traditional face-to-space organizing.

What I’ve heard from virtual organizing clients is that while initially they weren’t thrilled about having to do the physical work themselves, it actually made their projects (and outcomes) much more satisfying. That makes sense, right? When we do things with our own hands, they’re more authentically ours than when we delegate or outsource them.

Virtual organizing may also be able to save you some money. Depending on the nature of your project, you may not need as much professional guidance as you think. While by no means guaranteed, it’s possible that once your project is underway, you may be able drive it on your own – perhaps only periodically checking-in with your Sane Jane virtual organizer. Again, depending on the nature of your project, you may be able to save up to 25% or more over the cost of traditional face-to-space organizing.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Home

Finally, and for me most importantly is the end result: A home that’s more inviting, enjoyable and satisfying. And with that comes increased well-being. Peace of mind. Sanity. The reason I named my company Sane Jane is because my peace of mind has always been connected to my home. When my home is messy, my mind and emotions are messy. When my home is organized and clean, I just feel better.

Now, more than any time in my life, I feel a strong sense of connection to my home as a kind of sacred refuge from the unheralded tumult and danger “out there.” If this is how you feel about your home, I know that at the end of your virtual organizing project, you’re going to be incredibly happy you made this investment. That happiness you will feel is why I love being a professional organizer. Helping you make your home more ideal and inviting for you family is everything to me.

Let’s talk about you. Your home. Your goals. Your sanity. I welcome you to call or text me at 919-880-0814. Or send me an email here!

“Our pantry was a disaster zone deserving of FEMA funds. My 15-year old needed something to do. I put 2 and 2 together and hired Sane Jane virtually reorganize our pantry. Lynda provided expert instruction. My son did the actual work. We love our newly reorganized pantry and my son actually had a blast doing it. Next we’re going to hire Sane Jane to virtually re-organize the rest of our kitchen, home office and my closet. Virtual organization is a great way to make the most of quaran-time. And Sane Jane rocks!”

– Andrew Miller, Chicago