Let’s face it. As enjoyable as holidays can be, they can be downright stressful. Sure, the food (here are some recipes if you need some!), family, and weather can be so, but sometimes it’s not enough to distract yourself from the real stress that this season brings! You’re probably busier than ever, and that means you’re more tired than ever. Your first step in any organizing task should be to take a second and breathe. You can handle this; just give yourself a chance.

Sane Jane specializes in home organizing and time management, and we desire for this to be your favorite year of holidays. Let’s talk about some ways for that to happen. We offer services for time management in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. Reach out by emailing or calling us (919-880-0814) for more information!

Plan Ahead

This might take some time, which you’re short on right now but we would encourage you to find a way to give yourself an hour to plan before things get too crazy. If you aren’t a natural planner, this might feel strange at first, and you might not even know what you’re planning, but you don’t need to be a planner to plan, thankfully!

Holiday planning can be performed by everyone. Take a moment to consider loved ones that may be coming to visit your home; what they’ll need to eat, where they’ll need to sleep and the primary tasks that simply have to be prioritized. What you’ll quickly find is you have a lot of tasks, but many can be done by the people around you! It doesn’t all fall on you. The family wants to help; you need to ask! People are gracious and mindful if you give them a chance so if you find yourself overwhelmed this season, reach out for help. Develop plans and delegate. Certainly, you should keep yourself busy so that it doesn’t appear like you passed all of the tasks to everyone but yourself, however! Enjoy the extra hands.

Take It As It Comes

What about the things that can’t be planned? It is the holidays after all. Things happen that we didn’t expect and that can be one of the most significant conduits of stress during this time. Keep the bigger picture in mind and know that your season doesn’t rely on one moment, person or feeling. Give yourself the opportunity to make a mistake and more importantly, give others the same chance. This season is a time for love!

Not everything can be fixed, and some things that happen can’t be swept under the rug so easily, but we encourage you not to let it ruin the season for you.

Keep Everything In Its Appropriate Place

Okay, so maybe you’ve got some family spending a few nights at your house. How do you keep it organized if you’re not even the person living in the room? While guest rooms are overtaken in your household for the season, it’s nearly impossible to keep the room organized if the occupant is unwilling but a simple way to keep the rest of your home in order is to request the person to keep their belongings in the room. You can’t control what’s inside, but you can control the rest of your home.

Enjoy The Season

It’s the season for joy and love. Not everything is going to go perfectly, and that’s part of it, isn’t it? It makes for wonderful memories and bonding when things go wrong, and we can laugh about it together. We love an organized home more than anything, but sometimes it’s okay to relax for a few days and just enjoy what time you have with your loved ones.

When the holiday season is done, organizing returns in excellent fashion and we can assist you. Whether it’s decorations, rooms, or your closet, Sane Jane is trained and capable of organizing your home to your precise liking. We’d be honored to serve you and your family. Please click here to contact us for our time management and home organizing services.