The season is upon us when we begin to get many out-of-town guests.  Is your home “ready” for these houseguests?   You may want to take cues from bed-and-breakfasts.  For instance buy some travel-size toothpastes, provide toothbrushes, dental floss, razors and some shampoo/conditioner and body wash.  Have an extra blow dryer?  Add it to the guest bathroom for those that forget to bring one.  Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

     If your visitors share a bathroom with you, perhaps you could provide these items in a basket and leave them in the guest bedroom. 

     When I’m in a cozy guest room, I love when there’s comfortable throws or lightweight blankets around to snuggle up with.  Place the comforter, folded neatly in half at the foot of the bed.  Include two pillows/person and arrange them against the headboard for those that like to read in bed. 

     Some other thoughtful touches are to have space in the closet with extra hangers available, an inexpensive luggage rack is convenient to have if you don’t have empty drawer space available for them to unpack.  Everyone has pretty bowls that are barely used stored in a cabinet in the kitchen.  Why not take one out and place it in the room on the nightstand for jewelry or change as well as a notepad and pen?  Hey, don’t forget that nice tube of hand lotion. 

     Lastly, add an alarm clock and a nightlight with an on/off switch in the bedroom and bathroom.  All of these nice touches allow both you and your guest to enjoy your time together even more.  Be careful though, they may never leave.  


Check out the “house guest prep checklist” on Real Simple’s site: