Has this ever happened to you?  You have someone super close to you who is getting up there in age or someone who is going through the dying process and they want to give you ALL their things. All the things that have been so meaningful to them over the years. I’m thinking part of their intention is to hold fast to their own memories to keep things that meant something to them alive in a way – and so they want to pass it on and/or they think it’s something that you might really like and treasure so it’s meant as a gift. INSTEAD – you freaking hate this thing or the loads of stuff they are passing on but you don’t have the heart to tell them. Okay – not much I can say about that situation – SORRY! Maybe I will come up with a solution to that in a subsequent blog. However, the point of this blog is DON’T DO THIS SH…T to your own loved ones and offspring. As you get older and begin to want to “get lighter” – please, please remember to have real honest dialogue with your “people” and make sure they are only taking what they actually want. You can even let them know of your own miseries in these situations so they know you really don’t want them taking things that will add a burden to their lives. BTW – if you have trouble actually having these kind of honest conversations with your loved ones… here’s a link to my sister’s webpage – www.cindybigbiephd.com (It’s All About Connection) – she’s a communication specialist. Remember – Sane Jane says – “keep it light and simple!!”