Is this you?  Go to your pantry or your garage or any place that you keep misc kitchen-type items.  I’m betting that you probably have this very useless item on hand.

WHY?  I ask, why do people hold onto their 3 remaining graduation paper plates or the Dora ones from when your daughter turned 4.  Or how about the “over the hill” ones that you had for your mother-in-law’s 75th birthday?

Don’t lie now, this does describe you doesn’t it?  Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there.  But I’ve had several encounters of these abandoned, left-behind plates with their matching napkins and paper cups.  We all have these grand intentions for the next 75th bday or the next graduation.  “We’ll get a chance to use these again.”  However, what really happens is in that time of need, we totally forget about them, or we don’t have enough, or they’re no longer the classy paper products they once were due to being smushed.

Sanity tip – Use them! Is it so wrong to use the Dora plate for your mid-evening snack tonight?  Furthermore, I think it might even bring a little smile to your face or a pleasant memory to ponder.  All while creating a life with less clutter.

Professional Organizer, Cary