So you decided to go with your best friend to see their favorite sports team’s first game of the season. All of a sudden, you spot “The Table”. You know the one I am talking about, the table giving away free junk — pens, hats, beer cozies, foam fingers, you name it. Out of habit, and a false belief that because it is free you should take it, you end up coming home from the game with useless items for which you have no place or use. What is the simple Sane Jane solution, you ask? Avoid “The Table” at all costs and break the habit of bringing home those enticing, yet unnecessary freebies. Sure, maybe you are an avid foam finger collector, but I highly doubt it! Chances are that foam finger will just end up taking up space and on your table or counter. The Sane Jane suggestion is to know yourself. Know what items you really need in your life. Sometime less is more and free is unnecessary clutter.


Professional Organizer, Raleigh