No matter what the occasion, whether happy or sad, coming home from a trip is just flat out not fun. You always feel like you need a vacation to recover from the actual vacation. With this said, the worst part is not the fatigue, it is not the need to become re-immersed in your daily routine, it is the awful, dreaded, annoying task of unpacking. The black abyss that is the suitcase contains a mix of dirty and clean clothes, an empty mini shampoo bottle, maybe an old pair of shoes…it just seems too much of a hassle to deal with in the moment. It sits in the corner, full and unmoving, weighing you down by its sight, and yet you continue to avoid it – you let it live there until the next trip, or until you run out of other clothes.

What is the Sane Jane solution, you ask? Suck it up and unpack the darn suitcase as soon as you get home. It takes less time than you think, and helps to keep your space organized. I’ll admit, it is a chore, analogous to taking out the trash, but necessary nonetheless when it comes to maintaining an organized life. So next time you return from a trip, embrace the spirit of those Nike workout clothes getting wrinkled in the bottom of your luggage and JUST DO IT!


Raleigh, Organizer