You’ve all heard that cliché line about how one cannot possibly love another until one loves thyself, right? As cheesy as it is, there might be some truth to that statement. This Valentine’s Day, whether you find yourself in the company of a loving companion, in the presence of friends, or riding solo (happily or not), take it upon yourself to dish out some self-love…you deserve it! I don’t mean you need to buy yourself flowers or anything, though if you want to, by all means go for it! Rather, I’m referring to doing things for yourself to improve your confidence, productivity, and well-being.

Now, at this point you are probably wondering why someone who is a professional organizer is telling you to love yourself, as that is, after all, not quite in my professional duties or qualifications. To calm your confusion, I’ll let you in on how this all relates.

Organization is a way to love yourself. Now, I know this sounds a bit abstract, but let me explain how this works. When you organize areas of your life, whether it be your home, car, office, or schedule, you are working to unclutter your mind. When your mind is free from the distraction of unorganized spaces, it is able to better focus on other, more important tasks, like sleeping peacefully, or working more efficiently. This creates a self-love domino effect, and leaves time for other self-improving actions, like exercising, or hanging out with friends. By getting organized you will not only feel better about yourself and your space, but free your mind up so that you have the time and mental capacity for other activities.

Basically in short, this Valentine’s Day, date or no date, love yourself into an organized state — it is the gift that keeps giving…plus it lasts longer than flowers or chocolates!