There is something I need to say that you do not want to hear, but I am going to say it anyway: You do not wear all of your clothes. I know you think you do, or truly have the best of intentions to wear them all, but there are just not enough days in the year! We all have those go-to items — favorite jeans, t-shirt, sweater, winter coat, etc. — from which we rarely stray. Now that it is mid-winter and you have most likely established your go-to items for the season, start to be extra aware of the clothing that you regularly pass over.

Once you have become aware of which items are the go-to’s and which are not for the season, start to make some cuts. Place a large shopping bag on the floor of your closet and every time you notice an item of clothing that you have consistently passed over, toss it in the bag. Yes, this process may be difficult as you promise yourself you will lose those ten pounds and be able to fit into those jeans again, or are going to go out of your comfort zone and wear the glittery jacket one day. The truth of the matter is that if you have not worn it this season, you are most likely not going to wear it any time soon. Honestly, you will not even know it is gone once it is.

Once you have courageously faced the reality of your wardrobe, tossed the items you did not wear, and filled up the bag, donate it. You’ll be actively taking a step toward organizing your closet and you will also get your first donation receipt of 2015! Ha – you thought that was it, right? Just fill up one bag and be done with it? Of course not! Be sure to replace the shopping bag with a new empty one and repeat the process throughout this season and into the next.