I recently saw a quote that said “you can’t organize clutter”—what truth those words hold! Before you can make any organizing progress, you must get rid of the excess trash, and nonessential clutter. In the work that I do, it is apparent that people’s attachments to things are so extreme, it can often get in the way of living a healthy and productive life. When it comes down to it, however, things are just things, and they are not the source of our greatest pleasures in life. According to research done at Cornell University, spending money on experiences, as opposed to things, creates more happiness in one’s life. So, as the popular children’s movie, “Frozen”, has told us time and time again, “let it go!” Say goodbye to the old t-shirt from high school that has all the holes in it; say goodbye to the happy meal figurines; say goodbye to the stacks of paper you swear are essential, but that you haven’t looked at in a year. As you say goodbye to these material items, take this little remaining sliver of summer vacation and time home with the kids to declutter the house and make way for an organized fall season. Use this time to make memories with the family. Because in the long run, it will be the memories that you cherish, not the McDonalds Happy Meal.


Less Things Equals More Happiness