There is a war going on in households all across America. It is a new war, caused by the rise of technology and innovation. If you have kids, chances are, you are fighting this war. For lack of a better term, we shall call it the iWar.

We have all been there. You are sitting at home, on the couch, looking at your phone, when that pesky little warning sign appears: low battery! You become frantic, running around the house trying to capture a charger before the screen goes black and all is lost. But alas, your charger is nowhere to be found. In a moment of perhaps not your best parenting, you yell at the kids, accusing them, for the millionth time, of stealing your charger. As a last resort, you end up taking the life source that is your child’s charger. So begins the battle.
I have learned that the iWar is a never-ending series of battles in most people’s homes today. Everyone is always losing their chargers, stealing each other’s, or accusing each other of taking them.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone. Almost all of my clients that have children have expressed that they are constantly fighting this war too. As parents, we end up stooping down to the kids’ level when fighting and accusing of each other of stealing chargers. And while it seems like such a silly thing to get mad at each other about, it is the focal point of most arguments in so many households.

Do not think the war is limited to chargers, either. The battlegrounds also extend to earbuds. I used to find rocks in the dryer (it was kind of cute), now I find earbuds (not so cute and more costly than rocks). The kids can’t find their earbuds, or just do not want to go out of their way to look for them, so they take the most convenient pair. Even when people color code them, it does not seem to deter others from taking them.

How and when will this war end? Will the United Nations need get involved and have peace talks? What is the ultimate solution to the iWar? I’m surely no Secretary of State, but I can suggest ordering a bunch of knock offs as extras and having them around the house as neutral options. If that doesn’t work, try patience, understanding that there are certainly worse problems we could have, and realize that though our battle fronts may look different, we are all in this war together.

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