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We all know the classic story of our country’s independence – Britain was imposing some rules we were not super stoked about and so we fought to separate ourselves, make our own rules, and start our own country. If this sounds unfamiliar, a quick google search should fill you in on what you slept through in 10th grade U.S. history class. Independence, however, separate from its July 4th connotation, is quite a familiar concept to most people. It is something you likely felt when you got your driver’s license, left home for the first time, or made your first large adult purchase. It is something we have seen our children emulate in their terrible two’s, insisting they can do practically anything and everything without help, noticing for the first time, they are their own people, separate from their parents. Later in life, we see our teenagers assert their independence as they find embarrassment in everything we do, rolling their eyes in superiority, and reminding us just how old and uncool we truly are.

Household Clutter Can = Poor Self Image

Independence, however, also has its roots in organization. Though this may seem like a stretch, and an attempt to spin the holiday, hold your horses and let me explain. Simply put, disorganization attaches itself to your psyche and drags you down until you are one with the clutter. While that was undoubtedly dramatic, the premise that when one is disorganized, one is unable to be independent as the disorganization consumes every part of you, is valid. If I walk into my office and it is disorganized (yes, even I have my moments – no one is perfect) I am unable to focus or get meaningful work done until it is back in order. Though this may speak to my hypersensitivity to clutter and disorganization in general, I do not believe it is so farfetched to believe that others experience this too. If you have ever watched the show hoarders (though an extreme example) you’ll know what I mean when I say when things are unorganized, you are unable to be independent, as the disorganization is like a leach that is always with you. It is not until one is free from the clutter that one can live one’s life to the fullest and feel truly independent.

Win Your Independence from Household Clutter!

So on this Independence Day, while of course celebrating our great country, and the men and women who protect our freedom, take a moment in between flipping the burgers, and icing cupcakes with red, white and blue, to also think about and plan your upcoming personal independence day…the day when you decide to take control and detach yourself from the clutter weighing you down. Contact Sane Jane today!