Moving. Does just the word alone scare you? The process is long, complicated and stressful above all else. Figuring out where to live, handling your finances, and determining what you’ll do with all this stuff you’ve accumulated! It can be daunting if not just plain overwhelming. Your life changes when you’re moving because you’re in a new area, possibly with new company around you; it’s your world flipped upside down. That’s why I want to help.

The Move-in Day

Imagine the day: you’re saying goodbye, all of your stuff is in the car, and you’ll be soon arriving at your new place. When you’re there, you inevitably realize that you have absolutely no idea where to put everything and how to organize it effectively. “This is closet is too small, my pots and pans don’t fit in the kitchen cabinets, and the garage is a mess filled with boxes.” Oh, the dreaded boxes; we get it. You probably seem haunted by these brown boxes everywhere you look. Take advantage of your space, organize your home efficiently and say goodbye to those boxes filling up wasted space. Take back control of your life with organization.

“A new living space deserves a new perspective.”

One of the hardest things I recommend to my clients to do is to let go of sentimental objects that hold no practicality. One of the best ways to live a life less cluttered is by, you guessed it, getting rid of the clutter you own. Shed the extra unneeded items that have been clogging your attic, garage and living space for years. When you’re moving into your new apartment or home, you’ll be required to gather up everything you own, which is the perfect time to evaluate what you own. A new living space deserves a new perspective. Keep the things you practically use everyday but take an objective look at small knick-knacks that probably haven’t seen the light of a day in the past year.

Yet, organization isn’t simply minimizing the amount of things you own; I wouldn’t be doing my job effectively if all I told you was to shove some extra shirts and pants in the garbage bag. Organization also gives you a chance to see old items come to life in new ways. Instead of throwing your pots into the kitchen cabinets and closing them quickly so you don’t have to bear the sight of the mess, I can advise and help with how to organize them so you’re using that space to its maximum potential. My professional organization services are centered around decluttering your life and maximizing the potential of your home. Too many people have beautiful homes, yet don’t know how to make it even better.

There’s a Better Way to Stay Organized When You Move

It happens to everyone: life is busy. Who has the time to work all day and then come home and immediately start working again by adjusting the layout of an entire area in your house? You’ve already imagined the stressful day of moving in, but now imagine the day after I’ve helped organize your home. You walk in the home and can sense the feeling of professional organization taking effect when you reach for a pot, or go to change your clothes, and everything is where you’d expect it to be with no fuss. Oh, right, and there are no brown boxes in your way either. When you hire me for organizing your home, you’re getting someone who is dedicated to organizing your space and delivering advice in non-judgemental, practical way. Make your life easier with organization from Sane Jane because a life less cluttered is a life best lived.