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It’s merely November, but you can already feel the Winter season approaching, which means transitioning to new decorations. Decorating, whether it’s for Fall, Winter or any other time of the year, can clutter your house if done improperly. Items aren’t where they’re typically supposed to be because decorations have displaced them and it can make your kitchen, living room, and house a cluttered disaster. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can quickly become the most chaotic time of the year if we aren’t careful. What can you do about these endless amounts of decorations?

Preventing Holiday Clutter: The Unpacking Process

Before you take anything out and start decorating, it’s important to organize what you have in the first place. This will help the decorating process go smoother, and you’ll be able to know where something is at any moment. Label boxes accordingly so that you don’t have to go through your entire attic or garage when you’re searching for a specific item. When you’re packing up any season’s decorations, label them as you start storing them. Organizing is all about saving you unnecessary stress and time. If you mark your Holiday boxes now, well, can you guess what will go much quicker next year? If you don’t do this step at the beginning of your decorating process, label boxes as you pack them up for next year. Avoid throwing random items into different boxes thinking you’ll remember what’s in each box. Even the best memory can forget over the year!

Home Organizer in Chapel Hill, NC

Now that everything is organized, you can then begin to decorate your house as you see fit. Wherever you place the decorations, remember how you normally function in your living space. Don’t let any extra decorations make a mess of your kitchen or clutter your living room. Proper decorating doesn’t take over your space, but instead, accommodates it. A relaxed, organized and decorated home is the perfect way to invite those warm Holiday feelings.

Holiday Clutter Accumulation

It can be tempting to buy new decorations that are always adding to the amount you put up in your home, but as you purchase new items, think about what’ll they replace instead of add to. The quickest way to feel cluttered during the Holidays is by putting up too many decorations in your home and feeling overwhelmed because you can’t escape the decorations at every turn. Organize your house with the best decorations you have so you can feel a sense of pride every time you walk in the door. If you decorate with organization in mind, you can make the most disorganized time of the year, the most relaxing and joyful time.

If you need further assistance with organizing your space for any season, call Sane Jane so your home can be a functional, organized and restful space; perfect for the Winter season.