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February, for most states, is one of the coldest months of the entire year. Spring is coming upon us in March, but it still seems so far away because of the bitter cold mornings that greet us every sunrise during this season. Because of the briskness of Winter, it can force us to stay indoors more often. What’s the result of people staying inside more? Clutter; whole lots of clutter. With more people and more time spent inside your home, you’ll have more manpower and time for your house to turn into chaos. But it doesn’t have to be this way; it’ll just take some extra effort. Before the Spring air meets us in March, we can get a jump-start on our Spring cleaning right now.

Develop better habits & routines

Who says routines can only be formed in January? We must reject the notion that we can only start becoming better about diets, working out, or organizing our homes during one month of the year. You can start being a better organizer right now. It’s all about forming better habits and routines during your daily life. This looks different for everyone because all people have a different daily routine. Find little moments throughout your day that build towards a more organized and relaxing home for you and your family. You don’t have to change the world in one moment, just like you don’t have to clean your entire house in one afternoon. However, if you ever needed your house to be decluttered in a single afternoon, you could call on a professional organizer in Durham, NC: Sane Jane!

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Never leave a room without organizing one thing

“Set it and forget it” is popular saying. But our advice is that you don’t forget it. Oh, how tempting it can be to leave a cluttered room! If I leave the room, I don’t even have to deal with the mess! We can convince ourselves of this, but the future you will always resent the present you for that decision. If you make a mess, quickly clean it up right there on the spot if you have the time. If you notice an inordinate amount of clutter in the room caused by you, your kids, or a combination of everyone in the home, organize merely part of it.

Take some time for your home in Durham, NC

Home Organizer in Durham, NC

You’re probably wondering what happens to the other “part of it” that I didn’t clean from the previous step. Well, that’s why you’re going to set aside some time to organize the room thoroughly. We get it. You can’t always clean the entire place every time that you exit the house or finish your chore. Nobody has that amount of time, but there is a chance you have a lingering hour or so of free time in your week that can be devoted to organizing the clutter of your home.

If you’re anything like me, an organized home just feels better. So, although you could’ve spent that hour watching your favorite show on Netflix, you’ll be thanking yourself later that you took the time to declutter your home and it’ll be more enjoyable for you to relax in.

What do you do when you simply don’t know how to approach a cluttered space or need professional help finding out how to organize your home? Well, you call on a professional organizer! Sane Jane is a professional organizer in Durham, NC, but we also service many cities around the area. If you want organizational tips, assistance in decluttering your home or want us to take you shopping for the right tools to keep your home free of clutter, contact us today!