Kitchens are a place for freedom, expression, and experimentation with food, but often, they become a nesting ground for clutter and dirty dishes. How can we change this from the “making dinner” room to the “I enjoy spending time cooking in here” room? Let’s look at a few easy tips you can do today.

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Backups are Nice, But Not Always Necessary

If you’re anything like me, you love beautiful plates, fun dishcloths, and inspiring cookbooks. It’s a thrill getting a new set of dishes to set out on the dinner table and enjoy. It can transform the room if you get a new centerpiece with it as well! But let’s be honest: you probably don’t need all those plates, and there are probably a few dishcloths that aren’t pulling their weight in the dish drying arena.

You need plates. You need dishcloths. You need cookbooks. But you don’t need a whole backup team of them. If you find yourself not putting to use all of the backups that you have at-the-ready, even when you host a get-together, it might be time to consider donating the plates or letting go of the cloths.

Consider What You Use Most – Advice from a Kitchen Organizer in Chapel Hill, NC

So, now that you’ve decluttered some of the excesses, what do you do with what’s left? Well, consider what’s most crucial to your daily routines. Do you start the crockpot in the mornings most days? There’s your sign that it’s an essential appliance in your world and deserves a rightful spot either on the countertop or in an easily accessible area.

Maybe you have George Foreman grill that you use twice a year for that fateful night you want to grill, but it’s raining. Sometimes you just need it, right? So, you can’t let go of that appliance, but you almost never use it. It’s a catch-22, and that’s what our organizing services are all about. We find places to store those items that are important to you, but might not be used all the time. We put what’s important in the front so we can make your kitchen work for you, not against you.

Decluttering is about Functionality, not Minimalism

When I talk about decluttering your kitchen, it usually means there’s some tip coming about donating or letting go of old dishes, appliances, etc. Sometimes this can lead you to think I’m trying to conform everybody to the lifestyle of minimalism. Certainly, if that’s what you desire, go for it! Minimalism has many attractive features, but when it comes to decluttering, our primary goal is not minimalism, and it’s not even to let go of everything you have.

The number one priority when organizing your kitchen, closet, or home is functionality. How can I shape this room to function more to my liking? Instead of searching everywhere for that pot I always use and misplace, what if I could find a place where it’s always easily accessible or even labeled?

It’s not always about losing stuff; it’s about treasuring what you have and giving it its proper due. It makes life more comfortable, and an easier life means you’re less stressed.

Shop For Your Kitchen, Not The Other Way Around 

They always say that you shouldn’t shop when you’re hungry. You know the reason why, because you’ve probably rebelled and done precisely that sometimes. When we’re grocery shopping, we hunt for deals, bulk items and will often purchase things we don’t need. Listen, I love a good deal as much as anyone, and sales can be hard to pass up, but sometimes you really don’t need that buy 3, get 3 free deal.

One of the primary reasons our kitchens get cluttered is not because our items become disorganized, but rather, we have too many things! The freezer is filled to the brim with frozen dinners, meats, and ice cream. The pantry is overflowing with spices, ketchup, cereal and a whole lot more. Even appliances, which take up precious countertop space. This goes back to our earlier thought: do I really use this?

When you’re grocery shopping, consider your kitchen and what it can handle. This will leave you with a much more organized room that functions to your liking, instead of you functioning to the clutter’s liking.

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