How are your closets working for you?

Need more shelf space and less hanging space or vice versa?

Wish you had a professional closet organizer?

Never fear. Sane Jane designs closets!

Imagine a closet designed specifically for your individual preferences and style. Want your clothes folded and stacked? Partial to baskets and shelves rather than drawers? Need extra-tall hanging rods or more space for your shoe collection? These are questions a home builder/designer is not likely to ask before creating and installing a one-size-fits-all closet. As a professional organizer, Sane Jane routinely gets to know her clients’ tastes, preferences and daily routines. We apply this knowledge in the process of designing a closet – and voila! every inch of your closet is personalized and customized just for you! Items you need right at hand on a daily basis are front and center, and the final result reflects your personal style.

A Closet Organizer Service for Everyone

Whether you’re starting with a brand new space or an existing one that needs an initial de-cluttering, Sane Jane’s got you covered. All you need is a new, turn-key closet design? No problem. Need help de-cluttering, reassigning and organizing your closet contents as well? You got it! Not sure where to begin? Call Sane Jane. We can help with that too!

Sane Jane’s closet design services are available individually or in a combination that best suits your personal needs. Whether you want the design alone, combined with some organization services and/or installation, or in a full package deal — call us for details today!

Is it time for you to consider hiring a professional closet organizer?

A Sane Jane-designed closet will simplify your life and energize your days as you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. When it’s all said and done, you will enjoy knowing there’s a suitable place for everything and everything’s in its place! Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied with your new closet!

How It All Works

Lynda provides a closet organizer service walk-through at no charge to assess your needs. This allows her to create a written proposal of goals and tactics. Next, she works with you to utilize space and control clutter within your home or office.

Never fear. Sane Jane designs closets!

Still need convincing? Read these third party reviews of The Container Store closet lines:

A dream closet may be closer—and easier—than you think. The Container Store, the go-to emporium for storage and organization, is now offering luxury custom closet design services through select stores across the country, with plans to expand the line to all locations by the end of the year. The collection, called TCS Closets, is fully customizable and includes a range of finishes, hardware, and styles. The process begins with an in-home consultation from a Contained Home Organizer….

Architectural Digest, April 30, 2015

My latest closet crush is in the form of TCS Closets from The Container Store. 

The Domestic Life Stylist

The ultimate closet experience you’ve been waiting for! Each custom closet is built from the floor up to fit your space and showcase your wardrobe.

Veranda on TCS Closets™

For those of you who are lucky enough to live within driving distance of a Container Store, you may be familiar with their Elfa®storage systems.  For the rest of you, I wanted to introduce you to this fabulous resource for home organizing today. Use the link above to find out why this blogger loves Elfa®

RefinedRoomsLLC on elfa®

From Houzz on TCS Closets
From Houzz on Elfa®


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Sane Jane Tip:

Check out this “How to Choose the Right Hanger” video from the Container Store!

Photo on this page taken in a Laren Closet at The Container Store.

The Laren Closets collection is made from the highest quality materials and each solution is custom built from the floor up to fit your space. 

As a Contained HomeSM Independent Representative for The Container Store in the Triangle, Sane Jane is pleased and honored to work with clients to provide The Container Store Custom Closets.

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