Need a Professional Organizer in Chapel Hill? Contact Sane Jane!

Have you ever considered what ‘order’ can do for you?  According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, to organize is to “arrange into a structured whole, order.” Let Sane Jane Professional Organizing bring order to your time and space – it will improve your productivity, relieve the pressure and free up some time on your calendar.

Want more time and less stress? Who doesn’t? Sane Jane can make it happen for you! We create functional, enjoyable environments in the places where you live and work.

Decluttering is our specialty! Never seem to get around to organizing the spare bedroom? garage? closets? Are items getting lost in your pantry? laundry room? home office? Give us a call. We’ll even tackle your junk drawer!

Time Management

Don’t think you have time to get organized? Think again. With Sane Jane’s assistance, you’ll have a workable schedule and plan in no time. Then you’re ready to face the world, disregard a multitude of distractions, establish good new habits and enjoy your life.

We bring insight and assistance to time management challenges of adults, teens and kids.

Organizational Shopping

Does walking into The Container Store overwhelm you? Does the multitude of options stir up apprehension and indecision?  Never fear! Sane Jane is a whiz when it comes to selecting organizing baskets or boxes or any other tool your project needs. We can do your organizational shopping for you.

Of course, we always start with the organizing tools you have on hand before we recommend purchasing anything new — for the sake of your budget and the environment.

To find the optimal solution for your space, we are available to work as your personal shopper. New supplies not in the budget right now? We will simply create a list for you — which you can fulfill on your own timetable.

Whether you need a little help or a lot, call Sane Jane, Professional Organizer in Chapel Hill.