Looking for a Professional Organizer in Durham?

Look no further! Sane Jane offers organizing, time management and personal shopping services that bring order and simplicity to your life.

Could you use more free time and less hassle? We transform all those “difficult” spaces in your home or office into functional, enjoyable places for you to live and work. As a result, you’ll have more freedom and sanity in your days.

Sorting and systemizing are our specialties! No room in your garage for the car? Dangerous to open closet doors? Can’t find anything in your pantry? Never fear. We tackle feats like these on a daily basis. No job is too large or too small for us.

Sane Jane is a full-service, Professional Organizer in Durham, ready to help with all your organization needs. Give us a call!

How It All Works

Lynda provides a walk-through at no charge to assess your needs. This allows her to create a written proposal of goals and tactics. Next, she works with you to utilize space and control clutter within your home or office.

Never fear. Sane Jane designs closets!

Photo on this page taken in a TCS closet at The Container Store.

Still need convincing? Read these third party reviews of The Container Store closet lines:

A dream closet may be closer—and easier—than you think. The Container Store, the go-to emporium for storage and organization, is now offering luxury custom closet design services through select stores across the country, with plans to expand the line to all locations by the end of the year. The collection, called TCS Closets, is fully customizable and includes a range of finishes, hardware, and styles. The process begins with an in-home consultation from a Contained Home Organizer….

Architectural Digest, April 30, 2015

My latest closet crush is in the form of TCS Closets from The Container Store. 

The Domestic Life Stylist

The ultimate closet experience you’ve been waiting for! Each custom closet is built from the floor up to fit your space and showcase your wardrobe.

Veranda on TCS Closets™

For those of you who are lucky enough to live within driving distance of a Container Store, you may be familiar with their Elfa®storage systems.  For the rest of you, I wanted to introduce you to this fabulous resource for home organizing today. Use the link above to find out why this blogger loves Elfa®

RefinedRoomsLLC on elfa®

From Houzz on TCS Closets
From Houzz on Elfa®


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