Looking for a Professional Organizer in Durham?

Look no further! Sane Jane offers organizing, time management and personal shopping services that bring order and simplicity to your life.

Could you use more free time and less hassle? We transform all those “difficult” spaces in your home or office into functional, enjoyable places for you to live and work. As a result, you’ll have more freedom and sanity in your days.

Sorting and systemizing are our specialties! No room in your garage for the car? Dangerous to open closet doors? Can’t find anything in your pantry? Never fear. We tackle feats like these on a daily basis. No job is too large or too small for us.

Time Management

Are you ‘calendar challenged’? Too busy to plan? Sane Jane will come along side you to bring order to your months, weeks and days. We’ll assist in identifying priorities and creating new routines that put you back in charge of your time.

We work with adults, teens and kids, applying age-appropriate solutions we’ve honed over many years of experience.

Organizational Shopping

Finding just the right ‘system’ for your space can be part of the organizing challenge. How do you choose from the myriad of boxes, bins and baskets out there? This is where our organizational shopping services come into play.

If you prefer, we will do all the necessary shopping for you. We start by surveying what you have on hand, with all due consideration for your budget and the environment. Should a trip to the store be needed, we are pros at finding product solutions that fit your personal style, budget and space.

Our personal shopping service is both affordable and accommodating! If your budget doesn’t have room for new supplies, we will create a shopping list that you can take to the store whenever you’re ready.

Sane Jane is a full-service, Professional Organizer in Durham, ready to help with all your organization needs. Give us a call!