Is your garage a mess?

Need more storage space?

Wish you had a professional garage organizer?

Don’t worry. Sane Jane organizes garages!

Imagine how it would feel if your garage was professionally organized.

A Garage Organizing Service for Everyone

Whether you’re using your garage for a workout space, extra office, general storage or just to park your vehicles, Sane Jane can make sure you’ll feel joy every time that garage door goes up, revealing all that beautiful white space.

Is it time for you to consider hiring a professional garage organizer?

Sane Jane will simplify your life and energize your days as you quickly and easily find what you are looking for in your garage. You’ll feel more in control over your home environment (vs. feeling like you’re slowly drowning in stuff).  You’ll feel at peace in your home.

Let us make this happen for you.

How It All Works

Lynda provides a garage organizer service walk-through at no charge to assess your needs. This allows her to create a written proposal of goals and tactics. Next, she works with you to utilize space and control clutter within your home or office.

Never fear. Sane Jane organizes garages!

What People Are Saying


Sane Jane brought sanity back to our lives!  Our garage has always been a catch all, but since March with virtual schooling and working from home, we collected more than even our garage could handle.  It was such a daunting task for me to tackle alone and I knew I needed a gentle push. I can’t explain how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that my family can walk in the garage without tripping over random items or needing to move heavy boxes out of the way.  And we can easily find what we’re looking for!


December 2020


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Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill,  Wake Forest, Morrisville, Apex & surrounding areas as well as Florida.

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