1. noun  Person or organization that utilizes structure to restore a clear and focused mind, free from chaos and clutter and one that renders calm momentum.  Example: Sane Jane is a company offering assistance in decluttering, time management and organizational shopping.

2. adjective  The quality of calmness or order reflected in the absence of chaos.  Example: The Sane Jane mother wasn’t concerned when her daughter announced that her science fair project was due in a week.

3. verb  Restructuring that provides serenity, composure and clear direction.  Example: I plan to Sane Jane my closet so I can see my wardrobe and make outfit selection easier each morning!

We help make life more enjoyable!

Sane Jane is a professional organizing service that specializes in decluttering, time management and personal shopping.

Sane Jane is fully-bonded and insured and owner-operated by organizational champion, Lynda Rothman.  A Raleigh-resident gifted with special powers, Lynda and her team see through clutter and confusion to reveal the potential of organized space, the value of time management and the importance of having the right tools in-place to make life more enjoyable.

Since 2007, Lynda has been transforming lives professionally.  As a wife and mother of two boys and the family dogs, she understands that life gets messy sometimes! As Sane Jane, Lynda taps into her years of experience as a teacher and helps identify opportunities for change in your space while offering tips and techniques on time management that will change your life.

Stay sane with Sane Jane.  Let us help you enjoy a life less cluttered!