2018 Home Organization in Cary, NC

2018 home organization is upon us. The Holidays have passed, the families have gone back home, and everything seems to be getting back into a groove. My oh my, what happened to our homes near the end of the year? It’s a stressful time, and it’s so easy to get stretched in so many different directions that our home’s cleanliness can no longer be a focal point. Merriam Webster defines focus as: “a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.” With the beauty of the new year still on the horizon, it’s time to get focused with these 2018 home organization tips.

Be realistic about the worth and use of your items

In the world of accounting, there’s something commonly known as the “Balance Sheet,” and its essential purpose is to weigh assets against liabilities (debts) to find out your net worth. One thing I’d say would be hard for everyone is to figure out the actual worth of their assets; there’s so many memories, stories, and feelings attached to the things that we own that their monetary value doesn’t even scratch the surface.

But if we’re being honest, that’s not every item in our homes. In fact, I’d bet that when you’re doing your 2018 home organization, not even close to 50% of what you own has any real personal value. This year, I challenge you to declutter your home by finally letting go of some items that don’t mean much to you and are only taking up precious space.

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Think about what you have at home in Cary, NC

New year equals new decorations for most people, but before you run to the nearest Kirklands to buy all kinds of new candles and artwork, consider what you have at the house already. If you haven’t organized your home in a while, there might even be something in the attic or hidden away that you didn’t realize you owned already. Think before you buy should be your motto for 2018. “Do I need this new item or have been neglecting something I’ve already spent my hard-earned money on?”

Stay accountable for your 2018 home organization

What’s the biggest reason new year’s resolutions don’t last? Zero accountability. When you’re making new pledges to organize and declutter your home this year, make sure there’s someone around you who heard those lofty promises and can keep you accountable. Habits aren’t formed overnight, and perfection isn’t expected. If you weren’t perfect at keeping your house fully organized, don’t expect that your 2018 home organization will be perfect. But we should have some expectations at the very least. Have someone close to you keep you accountable for the new year.

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Reward yourself when you succeed at 2018 home organization

Resolutions can feel burdensome more often than not, especially when the results aren’t always so visible. If you’ve spent the first month of the year for the past decade trying out a new diet, you’ll understand what I mean. Results aren’t always fast-acting, and sometimes they aren’t even satisfying on their own. For some people, having an organized home is nice, but it doesn’t always feel worth the trouble it requires to keep it decluttered.

If that sounds like you, reward yourself in different ways when you follow through on your 2018 home organization resolutions. Get a milkshake, have a nice meal with your spouse, watch your favorite movie, do something to make you feel like the job was worth it.

Those were four simple things to consider for the new year as you work towards a life less cluttered. If you need more in-depth specific tips, hands-on organization work, or time management advice, contact Sane Jane today, and we’ll get back to you about the power of organization or to set up a time for helping you declutter your home for 2018.