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How To Spend Your Free Time Decluttering Your Home

Jul 24, 2018

Professional Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

It’s about that time; your children will be heading back to their regularly scheduled schooling soon. That means you’ll most likely have more free time on your hands than you did during the Summer. How can you spend it most effectively?

4 Summer Organizing Tips While The Kids Are Home

Jun 25, 2018

Summer Organizing Tips Kids

Summer Organizing Tips

A Summer at home with the kids isn’t always easy on your home. It can be more cluttered and disorganized than ever before, but we’ve got a few tips to help you out. Try out some of these summer organizing tips while the kids are off from school.

The Freedom of Organizing | Space Organizer in Cary, NC

May 22, 2018

Space Organizer in Cary, NC

Freedom. It’s something Americans are pretty known for loving. Our bald eagles and star spangled banner flow high to display independence. Do you have the freedom that organizing gives your home? When a professional space organizer declutters your house in Cary, NC and creates a more functional, living space, you have more freedom to do what you want in your home, when you want.

A Space Organizer in Cary, NC

When you have a cluttered home, your mind is cluttered as well. If you have a home office, this is especially detrimental because this is where you brew ideas and function all day long! How can you work hard when there’s clutter all around you, invading your space? You shouldn’t have to.

Professional organizing is unique to your needs. Don’t have a home office? That’s no problem. We organize your home specifically for you; fashioning our organizing techniques around how you live on a daily basis, and what’s most important to you. Our services extend to your entire home: from garage, closet, pantry, living room, to your car. We organize everything because we believe you should be living a life less cluttered.

Freedom To Enjoy

When your home isn’t cluttered, you’ve got freedom. You have the freedom to enjoy the functional aspects of your home, without all of the unneeded clutter. How about all of those times you mentioned you would get to it and didn’t have the time? That happens to everyone; it’s life. Now, since your home is organized, that weight is lifted! The job has been done, and it didn’t even require your energy; that’s the convenience of a professional space organizer in Cary, NC.

Space Organizer in Cary, NC

With a house that’s functional and works with your habits, you don’t have to go out of your way to organize; it’s smooth and natural. You can put items right back where they were before, and nothing will have changed. Organizing is an easy, and quick job. Now you’ve got time to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show.

Quick-Fire Tips For Daily Organizing

Now that a professional space organizer in Cary, NC has organized your home, it’s functional. However, there will be still be organizing required periodically.

  1. Stick to the functional organizing that was done by Sane Jane. Since our decluttering was incredibly personalized, it’s been made easy to stay with it and put things back in place.

  2. Understand that sometimes a home will just be cluttered; it’s the nature of a house that people live in. Your kids might spill something, or you might drop an item that makes a mess. That’s okay.

  3. Do five minutes of organizing before you leave your house. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a mere five minutes, and it barely needs any planning. You’ll achieve most, if not all, of your daily cleaning, leaving more freedom to do what you want.

Please contact Sane Jane Professional Organizing today if you’re looking to have your home feel free, convenient and functional. Have any questions? Contact us.

Read more about 8 common myths that often stop people from organizing.

How To Organize Your Home Stress-Free — Durham, NC

Apr 15, 2018


Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Home organizing can seem overwhelming and stressful at first glance, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. Items are piling up, and everything is where it shouldn’t be. The first thing is to take a deep breath; more people are in this situation than you might think. You aren’t more disorganized than the average person; you simply live in your house. The ultimate reality is that houses get cluttered. They get this way because real people, actual people live inside them. Picture perfect (like this) is always nice to strive for, but in some ways, it can seem all too impossible.

Start With The Unneeded — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

After you’ve taken a deep breath and aren’t overwhelmed by the clutter any longer, it’s time to tackle one area of your home. Remember, you don’t need to organize everything at once; slow and steady is the tempo. You’d rather steadily work your way through your home than clean all parts of your house just a little bit. Now, it’s time to declutter. Start by being honest with yourself and parting ways with items you haven’t used in a while. Donate them to your local Goodwill, and you’ll feel even better about it.

Donating your unneeded items are a fantastic way to repurpose things you aren’t using as well as declutter your own home. Once you’ve gone through this (sometimes painstaking) process, you’re on your way to success.

Consider Your Most Used Items — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Now that we’ve considered and donated the items we don’t use, it’s time to place our focus on the things we regularly use. Organizing is all about convenience and functionality. This is crucial because many times people will confuse the word “cleaning” with “organizing,” yet they are entirely different in the objective. Organizing your home does often involve some cleaning; however, the ultimate end goal is not for things to merely be in their place, but for items to be in their best and most functional place. (Read more about the convenience of Home Organizing in Durham, NC here.)

Consider new ways to store items you’re frequently heading into the pantry for and make them available for easy access. Make your life easier by thinking ahead and knowing what your home needs; this looks different for everyone so you’ll have to think about your daily routine. This can be one of the more difficult steps in the organizing process because it requires some creativity to find ways to use your space functionally. This is where a professional organizer comes in handy because this is our specialty. We can discover new and inventive ways to store items that are important to you.

Polish Your Space — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Now that we’ve completed the first two steps of donating unnecessary items and considering how to store our most essential items, it’s time to organize our space top-to-bottom. This is the polishing period where you’re placing every piece in the exact right spot and arranging any last-second items. The first two steps are crucial, but the final step of organizing your space is what will make you proud, maybe even enough to snap a picture! There’s a lot of pride to go along with your newly organized home.

What Can A Professional Organizer Do Then? — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Everything seems so simple here so why do you need a professional organizer, such as Sane Jane? The process and idea of organizing can be incredibly simplistic; however, at any point, it can feel overwhelming and stressful because of the number of items to organize and where to place them. We have years of experience, seeing and organizing a countless number of homes so we can quickly aid you where you might be stuck.

Please contact Sane Jane Professional Organizing today if you’re looking to have your home feel polished, convenient and functional. Have any questions? Contact us.

8 Common Myths About Organizing Your House in Raleigh, NC

Mar 22, 2018

Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

Declutter and organizing your home can sometimes carry some false myths alongside it. Organizing your home was never made to be a burden for you, but actually a convenience for you and your home. Sane Jane Professional Organizing is committed to creating a life less cluttered; a simpler life for you. That’s what a home organizer in Raleigh, NC can provide.

Myths of organizing your home in Raleigh, NC

1. You are incapable of keeping your home organized and are too lazy.

One of the biggest reasons that people are discouraged from organizing their home is they don’t believe it can actually be done. Or, at least they don’t believe the outcome will be worth the effort because they’re think they’re “too messy” or “lazy”. You can organize and tackle the clutter in your home. Furthermore, hiring a Professional Organizer isn’t you giving up and saying you are “too lazy”, but rather, that you want to invest in your home more. You actually care.

2. Your home always has to be sparkling.

Organizing your home is always worth it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when it’s not picture-worthy. Homes get cluttered; that’s a fact of life, especially one that includes children. Don’t get discouraged the moment it’s not looking perfect.

3. You have to be a minimalist.

You don’t have to donate everything you own to have an organized home. You have to systematically position your items and find a creative way to store them.

4. It will just get messy again.

Sure, your home will probably get somewhat cluttered after it has been organized. The idea is that the more that you declutter and organize your space, the more thoughtful you’ll be about your possessions.

Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

5. It takes so much time.

Depending on the clutter of your home, it might require a full days worth of organizing services from Sane Jane, but that isn’t reflective of your home. Organizing must be thoughtful and it will require time. However, for quick organizing on the fly, considering spot checks before you leave or before you go to bed to keep things tidy between huge organizing jobs.

6. If I buy some boxes, everything will be organized.

Boxes and other supporting organizing products serve a great purpose, but on their own, they serve nothing. You can’t simply throw everything into boxes. See how your kids throw everything under their bed or in the closet for an example of how that doesn’t work.

7. If I organize my house, it’ll be organized for life.

The opposite myth of “it’ll just get messy again” is this one. One day of organizing doesn’t keep your house like that forever. It can’t always be picture-perfect, not without continuous effort.

8. Cleaning is organizing.

Cleaning is not organizing because the ultimate goal of organizing is not just cleanliness; it’s functionality. Decluttering your home means thinking strategically about the placement of the items you use for everyday life. To me, it’s about convenience.

A home organizer in Raleigh, NC dedicated to your success

A home organizer in Raleigh, NC means someone who is attentive to your goals and dedicated to the functionality of your space. Call or email Sane Jane today to schedule an initial walkthrough of your space. We’d love the opportunity to provide the convenience of a decluttered home for you!

4 Organizing Tips to Start the New Year in Cary, NC

Jan 15, 2018

2018 Home Organization in Cary, NC

2018 home organization is upon us. The Holidays have passed, the families have gone back home, and everything seems to be getting back into a groove. My oh my, what happened to our homes near the end of the year? It’s a stressful time, and it’s so easy to get stretched in so many different directions that our home’s cleanliness can no longer be a focal point.

How a Professional Organizer Can Make All The Difference

Dec 10, 2017

Professional Organizer in Raleigh, NC

Intentions vs. reality. It’s a balance every homeowner has to deal with at some point when it comes to organization. The gap that arises between what we want our house to look and feel like and the reality of its chaotic nature that leaves us wanting more. What exactly is organization though? Merriam-Webster defines organizing as “to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole.” When we’re working to organize our homes, we aren’t merely trying to clean everything up. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about organization. Cleaning is undoubtedly part of the process and an important one at that, but it’s so much more than that.

The Perfect Closet Organization

Oct 10, 2017

Closets get disorganized; it’s a fact of life. It’s all too tempting to throw items and close the door as quickly as possible so you won’t have to see the mess that was just created. Over time, this clutter grows and creates a space that isn’t functional or efficient. A cluttered space often means an unusable space. You can’t find anything, there are clothes and shoes all over the place, and it’s impossible to clean up. Or is it? Do you have to give up hope on your closet when it’s disorganized? This professional organizer says no, not at all! It’s all about practical steps.

Organizing Spices – Raleigh

Oct 07, 2016

Chances are you feel much more comfortable cleaning out and organizing your spice drawer than your closet. It’s smaller, and seems less daunting – kind of like a toddler ;). I would argue, however, if you know how to do one, you also know how to do the other, as many of the principle organizing components are similar.

Humans are creatures of habit. From your husband never putting the toilet seat down, to your kids biting their nails, habits are engrained within our every move. Think about it – when you’re making a dish, are there a couple of spices that you almost always use? When you are in a rush getting ready to run the errands your husband forgot to do, is there a sweatshirt or pair of jeans you always throw on? Of course there are! Just as we have those same couple of spices that we turn to for almost every dish, we also have those clothes and accessories that are our go to no matter the occasion. Making sure these frequently used spices are at the forefront of the spice drawer or cabinet is just as important as making sure those go-to clothing items are in an easily accessible space in the closet. On the flip side, however, there are the spices that we only use for special dishes and the clothes we only wear for special occasions. These should be placed in the back of the closet or spice drawer since they will not need to be accessed often. Work with your habits and tendencies to make your life that much easier!

Be Sure to Find the Right Organizer for You

Nov 23, 2015

I once did an organizing consult at a doctor’s office. After touring the entire office and meeting the staff I asked the office manager if she had any questions. She paused for a moment and said, “Yeah, what’s up with your shoes?” I looked down, mortified, as I realized that I was wearing two different shoes! Who would trust an organizer that can’t even match her shoes?! Evidently, she did, as the office ended up hiring me. Though we started off on the wrong foot, there was a certain level of trust between she and I that sealed the relationship. I share this somewhat embarrassing story to make a point about the process of choosing a professional organizer – the chemistry must be correct.

To me, hiring a professional organizer can be a scary thing. The act of letting someone into your home to help you organize what presumably is an area of disorganization and vulnerability is not an easy task for anyone. Simply making the phone call and reaching out is a huge first step. That, in and of itself, is hard and more than most people are willing and able to do. Getting help is terrifying. There have been times when I’ve shown up to clients’ homes and they cant open the door because the thought of letting someone see their home, and see their insecurities, is just too overwhelming. There must be trust. With this said, I feel it is important to have a relationship with your organizer the way you would have with a therapist. You must establish a connection. I encourage people to interview multiple organizers to find that right connection, as it is so important to the success of the process.

The initial walk through is a great time to get a feel for the professional organizer to see if they will be a good match for you and your organizing needs. In addition to the walk through being a time for you to feel out the organizer, it is also a great opportunity for the organizer to get to know your space. With this, it is important that you do not clean up or change anything in anticipation of the walk through. The goal of the professional organizer is to remove stress from your life, not add to it! Allow the consult to be a time when the organizer can get a genuine look at what you need organized, even if that means being a bit vulnerable.

Date around! Find an organizer with which you feel comfortable. The better the connection between you and your organizer, the better your organizing results will be. And the better the organizing result, the better you will be! Similar to finding a partner in life, find an organizer who makes you a better you, not a more timid, stressed out version of yourself.