Declutter and organizing your home can sometimes carry some false myths alongside it. Organizing your home was never made to be a burden for you, but actually a convenience for you and your home. Sane Jane Professional Organizing is committed to creating a life less cluttered; a simpler life for you. That’s what a home organizer in Raleigh, NC can provide.

Myths of organizing your home in Raleigh, NC

1. You are incapable of keeping your home organized and are too lazy.

One of the biggest reasons that people are discouraged from organizing their home is they don’t believe it can actually be done. Or, at least they don’t believe the outcome will be worth the effort because they’re think they’re “too messy” or “lazy”. You can organize and tackle the clutter in your home. Furthermore, hiring a Professional Organizer isn’t you giving up and saying you are “too lazy”, but rather, that you want to invest in your home more. You actually care.

2. Your home always has to be sparkling.

Organizing your home is always worth it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when it’s not picture-worthy. Homes get cluttered; that’s a fact of life, especially one that includes children. Don’t get discouraged the moment it’s not looking perfect.

3. You have to be a minimalist.

You don’t have to donate everything you own to have an organized home. You have to systematically position your items and find a creative way to store them.

4. It will just get messy again.

Sure, your home will probably get somewhat cluttered after it has been organized. The idea is that the more that you declutter and organize your space, the more thoughtful you’ll be about your possessions.

Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

5. It takes so much time.

Depending on the clutter of your home, it might require a full days worth of organizing services from Sane Jane, but that isn’t reflective of your home. Organizing must be thoughtful and it will require time. However, for quick organizing on the fly, considering spot checks before you leave or before you go to bed to keep things tidy between huge organizing jobs.

6. If I buy some boxes, everything will be organized.

Boxes and other supporting organizing products serve a great purpose, but on their own, they serve nothing. You can’t simply throw everything into boxes. See how your kids throw everything under their bed or in the closet for an example of how that doesn’t work.

7. If I organize my house, it’ll be organized for life.

The opposite myth of “it’ll just get messy again” is this one. One day of organizing doesn’t keep your house like that forever. It can’t always be picture-perfect, not without continuous effort.

8. Cleaning is organizing.

Cleaning is not organizing because the ultimate goal of organizing is not just cleanliness; it’s functionality. Decluttering your home means thinking strategically about the placement of the items you use for everyday life. To me, it’s about convenience.

A home organizer in Raleigh, NC dedicated to your success

A home organizer in Raleigh, NC means someone who is attentive to your goals and dedicated to the functionality of your space. Call or email Sane Jane today to schedule an initial walkthrough of your space. We’d love the opportunity to provide the convenience of a decluttered home for you!