Home organizing can seem overwhelming and stressful at first glance, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. Items are piling up, and everything is where it shouldn’t be. The first thing is to take a deep breath; more people are in this situation than you might think. You aren’t more disorganized than the average person; you simply live in your house. The ultimate reality is that houses get cluttered. They get this way because real people, actual people live inside them. Picture perfect (like this) is always nice to strive for, but in some ways, it can seem all too impossible.

Start With The Unneeded — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

After you’ve taken a deep breath and aren’t overwhelmed by the clutter any longer, it’s time to tackle one area of your home. Remember, you don’t need to organize everything at once; slow and steady is the tempo. You’d rather steadily work your way through your home than clean all parts of your house just a little bit. Now, it’s time to declutter. Start by being honest with yourself and parting ways with items you haven’t used in a while. Donate them to your local Goodwill, and you’ll feel even better about it.

Donating your unneeded items are a fantastic way to repurpose things you aren’t using as well as declutter your own home. Once you’ve gone through this (sometimes painstaking) process, you’re on your way to success.

Consider Your Most Used Items — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Now that we’ve considered and donated the items we don’t use, it’s time to place our focus on the things we regularly use. Organizing is all about convenience and functionality. This is crucial because many times people will confuse the word “cleaning” with “organizing,” yet they are entirely different in the objective. Organizing your home does often involve some cleaning; however, the ultimate end goal is not for things to merely be in their place, but for items to be in their best and most functional place. (Read more about the convenience of Home Organizing in Durham, NC here.)

Consider new ways to store items you’re frequently heading into the pantry for and make them available for easy access. Make your life easier by thinking ahead and knowing what your home needs; this looks different for everyone so you’ll have to think about your daily routine. This can be one of the more difficult steps in the organizing process because it requires some creativity to find ways to use your space functionally. This is where a professional organizer comes in handy because this is our specialty. We can discover new and inventive ways to store items that are important to you.

Polish Your Space — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Now that we’ve completed the first two steps of donating unnecessary items and considering how to store our most essential items, it’s time to organize our space top-to-bottom. This is the polishing period where you’re placing every piece in the exact right spot and arranging any last-second items. The first two steps are crucial, but the final step of organizing your space is what will make you proud, maybe even enough to snap a picture! There’s a lot of pride to go along with your newly organized home.

What Can A Professional Organizer Do Then? — Home Organizing in Durham, NC

Everything seems so simple here so why do you need a professional organizer, such as Sane Jane? The process and idea of organizing can be incredibly simplistic; however, at any point, it can feel overwhelming and stressful because of the number of items to organize and where to place them. We have years of experience, seeing and organizing a countless number of homes so we can quickly aid you where you might be stuck.

Please contact Sane Jane Professional Organizing today if you’re looking to have your home feel polished, convenient and functional. Have any questions? Contact us.