Summer Organizing Tips

A Summer at home with the kids isn’t always easy on your home. It can be more cluttered and disorganized than ever before, but we’ve got a few tips to help you out. Try out some of these summer organizing tips while the kids are off from school.

1 — Designate a room

When the kids are younger, there’s a fair chance your house has something to the effect of a playroom. If it doesn’t, you should consider designating a room in your home as the playroom for your children. It doesn’t have to be a whole room; the kid’s bedroom can function as this space as well.

The point is communicating with your children that you’d prefer for them to play with toys and the like in this specified area. Certainly, you don’t want to push your kids away from where you are at all times, but sometimes this summer organizing tip can be a simple way to keep most of your house decluttered.

2 — Plan Field Trips / Activities

The kids have a harder time cluttering up the house if they aren’t inside it. Attempt to create some space throughout the day/week where you can take the kids to a local park, zoo, museum, etc. Kids love field trips, and the summertime is the absolute best time to take advantage of these free and easy trips.

It’s a double win because they’re usually exhausted after a fun day so that they can barely find the energy to make a mess of the house. You just bought yourself a few hours of rest!

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3 — Hire a Professional Organizer

Sometimes your schedule and kids don’t make everything listed easy. With no time for field trips and unwilling kids, keeping the home organized can be difficult during the Summer. If you feel like that, our professional organizing services will suit you perfectly. Our focus is on making your life more comfortable and less burdensome. Whether it’s keeping your living room in order, or decluttering your vehicle before a lengthy road trip, we have the tools and expertise to assist your situation.

Our services will also make your home more functional for future organizing, in case you ever do find the time for it. The way we organize makes decluttering a breeze so it can be easily accomplished throughout the day, even the busy ones. This is where our professional organizing services really shine.

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4 — Understand Your Situation

Don’t give up if you find yourself at the end of the day looking at a house that’s cluttered and disorganized. Understand that kids will be kids and having your home picture-perfect every day is unachievable! Don’t set standards that no one, including Sane Jane, expects you to be able to keep. Tomorrow’s a new day and a new chance to live a life less cluttered.

If you’re interested in Sane Jane’s professional organizing services, please contact us through our online form and stay tuned to our website for monthly deals on our services. We are passionate about helping you declutter your home and achieve a healthier, more functional home that serves you best. Contact us today so we can help do that for you!

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