It’s about that time; your children will be heading back to their regularly scheduled schooling soon. That means you’ll most likely have more free time on your hands than you did during the Summer. How can you spend it most effectively? Sometimes you need time to relax, so if you’ve had an unbelievably busy Summer with the kids at home, take that time for yourself. But once you’ve returned, it’s time to get to work.

Fun work that is because organizing leaves you rejuvenated, not tired when done correctly. Decluttering your home means a lot to you and your family; it’s so easy to forget how fantastic a clean, fresh-smelling home can be! Below are just a few different ways you spend some of your precious free time organizing, while not sacrificing your free time entirely. You can also use a professional home organizer in Raleigh, NC like Sane Jane.

Kids going back means Fall is soon on the horizon. Love Fall like we do? Here’s a countdown to keep by you so you know how far away we are from Fall.

Listen to music as you organize

There are loads of Bluetooth speakers available at every grocery, tech, and convenience store. Nobody likes to clean in complete silence; make it a party by listening to music or even your favorite podcasts! Thoughtful organizing does require careful thinking, so don’t make it something that will captivate your mind too easily, however. Throw on a comedy podcast or your favorite acoustic duo and get organizing. Grab one of your children or spouse, and you’ve turned something mundane into enjoyable for the family.

You can even take this time to listen to an audiobook! More accessible than ever, it’s so simple to pop some earbuds in and start listening to your favorite novel series while doing other tasks.

Make it easier on yourself

You don’t have a lot of free time, surely. So, how do you declutter your home during your free time if you don’t have a ton of free time to start with? You can make decluttering your home easier on yourself by implementing organizing techniques that are natural to your daily routine. Recently, we remodeled the flooring in the downstairs of our house, which meant a lot of furniture and small knick-knacks were forced either into the garage or upstairs spare room.

After the remodeling, we had a lot of moving to take care of so that our downstairs could return to its normal state. We made it easier on ourselves by taking just one item back to its rightful place every time we headed downstairs. Over time, half of our downstairs returned, and it was a wholly natural and sensible way to organize.

Watch television while you clean

We get it. Ultimately, organizing and decluttering isn’t something you ideally want to spend your time doing when you have free time. You probably want to catch up on some of your favorite shows. Well, with streaming services available on every device known to humanity, you are in great positioning. Determine your objective, consider how you’ll be organizing and press play. You can enjoy your free time as you organize all that clutter. That’s what we call a win-win.

Professional Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

Use a Professional Home Organizer in Raleigh, NC

Okay, so you don’t have a lot of free time, or can’t sacrifice the free time you have on organizing. We get it. Decluttering your home, at the end of the day, television or not can be hard work. It’s not just putting things away; it’s putting things where they need to be so your home can be more functional for your family. So, what do you do? You call on a professional organizer. With professional organizing, you bypass all the stress and head straight for the enjoyment.

You’ll be faced with a home that fits naturally with your routines and has daily items are placed in locations that make more sense than ever. One of the greatest perks about home organizing is that it shows you how you don’t need better stuff; you have what you need. You only need better ways to store your items for your purposes.

If you’re feeling ready to live a life less cluttered, contact Sane Jane today for a professional home organizer in Raleigh, NC that will make you question why you waited so long! We run specials every month so be sure to check on what we’re offering when you reach out!

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